Faculty Mentor

Caroline Mitchell


This paper addresses the question "How friendly is the University Police Department?" (UPD). This question was included in a survey given to 792 students at a Midwestern State university in October 2002 and was conducted by the university's Introduction to Criminal Justice class. Survey results indicated that 35% of the survey respondents said that UPD was "not very friendly" 27.9% indicated UPD was "somewhat friendly" 18.8% indicated UPD was "never friendly," and 3.7% indicated UPD was "very friendly." The rest of the respondents (14.7%) did not respond to the question. The proposed program recommendation outlined in this paper were developed in an effort to improve student perception of UPD. Program recommendations include the addition of a six-credit, two-semester class to the required curriculum for a Criminal Justice minor at the university, formation of a student-police association modeled after the Boy Scouts of America Explorers Program, creation of a UPD web page, and the acquisition of a surplus vehicle to provide safe and sober rides home for students who have consumed alcohol.



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