Faculty Mentor

Fedora Sutton


Search of international DNA database, Genbank, produced eight barley cDNA EFlα sequences with unique accession numbers. The length of these sequences varied from an incomplete 502 bp to a full length 1646 bp encoding a 447 amino acid protein. The knowledge that there are four EF-lα gene family members in barley led us to query whether all four genes were represented in the group of eight database submitted sequences. Also of great importance was the correct assignment of gene family member to its mRNA and protein expression profiles. Before we could begin to address the expression studies, we undertook the task of ascribing to the published cDNA sequences its grouping in the gene family. Bioinformatic tools were used to identify the 5' and 3' UTRs of the cDNA sequences. The 5' & 3' UTR comparisons revealed that sequences with accession numbers LI 1740 & Z23130 were identical. Thus these were designated as derived from the EF-lαA gene. Sequences BQ294517, BQ739965, & Z50789 represented the same gene family member designated EF-lα B. BQ740018 was derived from a third gene designated EF-lα C. BQ740062 also differed enough to be classified as derived from the fourth member of the gene family herein designated EF-lα D. Absence of 5' and 3' UTRs, for BQ739951 prevented designation with respect to gene family. Thus it is placed in the family group U (unknown).



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