Faculty Mentor

Shawn Duan


This report illustrates strength and fatigue analysis completed on a tie rod hydraulic cylinder bolt from a Lion TX 2500 tie rod hydraulic cylinder. The goal was to: solve for total clamping force, damping force per bolt at 90% proof load strength, amount of force per bolt, find the required number of bolts to hold the hydraulic cylinder together, solve for bolt spacing requirements, estimate a safety factor based on proof load strength, nut shear strength, required nut thickness, the least number of threads that must be engaged, estimate R.R. Moore Bending Fatigue Strengths, estimate the maximum value of P that will not cause eventual fatigue failure, and estimate a safety factor with respect to eventual bolt fatigue failure. Calculations show that the hydraulic cylinder must be built using four 0.5 in bolts with a minimum of nine threads engaged. The hydraulic cylinder is capable of supporting a constant load of 22,704 lb without eventual fatigue failure. Safety factors were calculated based on proof load strength with respect to eventual bolt fatigue failure to be 4.11 and 2, respectively. This analysis validated the manufacturer’s design and specifications of the hydraulic cylinder.



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