Faculty Mentor

Douglas Raynie


Green chemistry seeks to make chemical procedures safer, improve reaction efficiency, and utilize environmentally safe reagents. Deep eutectic solvents (DES) have recently become of great interest due to their eco-friendly nature and functionality as solvent for various chemical processes. One key characteristic of DES is their conductive nature and depressed melting point. This project sought to determine the effect of the addition of aqueous solutions of halides on the conductivity of two selected types of DES. Also assessed were the polarity and viscosity of the DES. It can be concluded that aqueous halides had no measureable effect on the conductivity or reduced the conductivity of DES. The polarity of the DES without halides was found to be similar to water or polar protic solvents. The DES and aqueous salt solutions at 20 °C were less viscous than the DES without halide.



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