Faculty Mentor

Parashu Kharel


We have carried out an experimental investigation of the Heusler Alloy CoFeVAl and its two variants Co1.5Fe0.5VAl and CoFeVAl0.5Si0.5 for their potential application in the field of spintronics. Heusler alloys are investigated for their many remarkable properties, including half-metallicity and spin-gapless semi-conductivity. Spintronic technology utilizes the intrinsic spin of an electron for information storage and manipulation in solid state devices. We synthesized these alloys using arc-melting and annealing. All three alloys were found to have cubic crystal structures with varying disorders. The parent alloy CoFeVAl shows a magnetic transition at 65 K. However, after modifying the elemental composition by either replacing 50% of Al with Si or the same amount of Fe with Co the magnetic properties substantially changed. The ferromagnetic to paramagnetic transition temperature increased to 215 K. The doped alloys Co1.5Fe0.5VAl and CoFeVAl0.5Si0.5 show saturation magnetizations of 37 emu/g and 35 emu/g, respectively at 100 K.



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