Faculty Mentor

Parashu Kharel


Heusler alloys are important to investigate due to their multiple interesting properties including half-metallicity and spin-gapless semi conductivity. Materials exhibiting these properties are desired for spin-transport-based devices. These devices provide the storing and delivering of information through the utilization of the spin property of electrons. The magnetic and electronic band properties of these alloys can be modified by tuning the elemental composition. This work investigates structural and magnetic properties of the three Heusler alloys FeCrMnAl, FeCrMn0.5V0.5Al, and FeCrMn0.25V0.75Al. It was found that all three alloys crystallize in cubic crystal structure with an A2-type disorder. Due to the nature of these alloys, saturation magnetizations were not able to be determined. The three alloys studied exhibit paramagnetic qualities. The disorder in the crystal structure is likely the reason for the observed paramagnetic behavior.



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