Faculty Mentor

Shanzhong (Shawn) Duan


In this paper, the motion of a three-degree-of-freedom gyro scope is analyzed in three different force scenarios. The equations of motion for the gyroscope are derived by hand as well as derived by the dynamical analysis software, Autolev These equations are compared with each other to show the consistency between the two methods and the time savings of using software applications for analyzing complex multi-body dynamical systems. The Autolev™ program drastically reduced the workload for determining the motion equations and the program even compiled Matlab code that was used to produce numerical values to show the respective motion of each gyro scope component. The results from the Autolev code represent the expected rotational motion as well as some much unexpected rockingin the outer and inner gimbals when the inner rotor spun slowly enough. The overall results show the benefits of using Kane's equation and Autolev software for computer simulation of dynamic behaviors of a three-degree-of freedom gyroscope. The results provide the first-hand experience for undergraduate research in the area of computational multi-body dynamics.



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