Faculty Mentor

Chris Chase, Lyie Braun


Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) is a common virus among cattle, and there are many different strains of the virus. BVDV can cause mucosal disease in infected cattle. There are lab strains of BVDV used for testing, but there are also wild-type viruses that may develop within a herd or population. These wild-type strains can be dangerous due to cross contamination between herds. This project compares serum samples from two different herds on the basis of the antibody response to a wild-type virus isolated from a persistent infected animal in one of the herds. We tested for a possible cross contamination between a persistently infected herd and a non-persistently infected herd. Cross contamination can cause errors in data collected from the non-persistently infected herd. Serum neutralization testing was done to measure a response to a specific virus strain. Our results indicated that there was no cross contamination.



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