Faculty Mentor

Zhong Hu


With the emergence of photovoltaic technologies, there is a strong technological demand for high-performance photovoltaic devices. One of the most promising device concepts developed at SDSU is organic-based photovoltaic cells. The performance of the PV cells is controlled by charge generation and charge separation, and charge transportation processes. Extraordinary control over the properties of the organic photovoltaic materials will be needed in order for this research to succeed. Therefore, the interior electric field and the macro electric properties of the system are the foundation behind these facts and are critical properties on their performance. In this paper, the fundamentals of the interior electric field for these photovoltaic cells have been reviewed. Computer modeling by using finite element analysis combined with Monte Carlo method for these photovoltaic materials has been conducted for better understanding the performance of the cells. By creating multiple possible molecular distributions of a cell, many important issues such as the current flow and energy lost to the rising temperature have been compared.



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