Faculty Mentor

Soo Hyun Cho


The purpose of this survey research was to uncover how the relationship of parental involvement and parenting styles influence their adolescent’s academic performance and success. Parents need to be actively involved in their adolescent’s life, support and provide assistance with school and help instill motivation and confidence. This research was conducted by personally distributing surveys to a class of students at the Brookings High School in October 2010. The survey found that half of the participating adolescent’s stated that their parents had a strong influence on their academic performance. This was critical information because it supported previous research conducted regarding the topic. I found that adolescent’s perceptions of their own abilities were strongly linked to their parent’s beliefs about them. Over half of the participants stated that their parents help them work through and cope with stressful situations or school problems. The more involved and supportive a parent is towards their adolescent the higher self-esteem they will gain allowing the adolescent to feel confident and focused during school.



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