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Acorus calamus

Scientific Name

Acorus calamus


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Family Name


Common Name

Sweet flag

Native American Name

Dakota: sinkpe-ta-wote; Lakota: sunka ce


Acorus calamus is a(n) herb grasslike perennial, which grows 3ft to 5ft in height. This species is commonly found swamps and marshes. The leaves are ensiform, erect and linear. Acorus calamus has light brown greenish-brown flowers that bloom from May to July.

Additional Notes

The Dakota name ""sinkpe-ta-wote"", means muskrat food.

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection:
Germination: Stratification
Vegetative Propagation: By division of the rhizomes
Soils: Wet fertile soil
Light: Full sun
Water: Thrives in wet areas
Notes: The roots grow or spread out just below the surface of the soil

Acorus calamus