South Dakota Native Plant Research
Chrysopsis villosa

Scientific Name

Chrysopsis villosa


Download Seed: The achenes of hairy goldaster are 2-2.5 mm long. (77 KB)

Download Seedling: Two month old seedling grown in research greenhouse at SDSU. (94 KB)

Download Vegetative: The grayish green color of hairy goldaster leaves is due to their pubescence. (127 KB)

Download Flowering: Heads are solitary to clustered at the stem tips. (56 KB)

Download Fruiting: Hairy goldaster produces seed in late summer. (150 KB)

Family Name


Common Name

Golden aster, hairy goldaster

Horticulture Notes

Seed Collection: Collect seed in Jul.-Sept. when achenes are dark in color
Germination: 70° F for 1-3 weeks or by keeping seeds moist at 40° F
Vegetative Propagation:
Soils: Sandy or gravelly
Light: Full sun
Water: Dry

Chrysopsis villosa