Soil Labile Carbon and Nitrogen Fractions after Eleven Years of Manure and Mineral Fertilizer Applications

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Manure nutrient management can affect soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) fractions. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of long- term manure and mineral fertilizer applications on C and N fractions. This study was conducted for 11 years under corn and soybean rotation. The study rates included low manure (LM (4,194 kg ha−1), based on the crop’s phosphorus (P) requirement), medium manure (MM (8,081 kg ha−1), based on the crop’s N requirement), high manure (HM (16,162 kg ha−1), two times the rate of MM), medium fertilizer (MF (204 kg N ha−1), recom-mended), high fertilizer (HF (224 kg N ha−1), high), and control. Soil samples were collected to measure C and N fractions. HM recorded higher particulate C (8%) at 0–10 cm and higher dissolved C (26%) at 10–20 cm compared to LM. All manure rates had higher permanganate oxidizable C compared to mineral fertilizer rates. Carbon management index was higher under MM compared to the HF (17%) and MF (33%). This study suggests that manure application (16,162 kg ha−1 rate and even 8,081 kg ha−1 and 4,194 kg ha−1 rates in some cases) can enhance C and N pools compared to mineral fertilizer application.

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Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science





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