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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of an adjuvanted modified live virus (MLV) vaccine in the presence of well-defined maternal passive immunity.
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Calves were vaccinated at approximately 1 month of age and challenged ~90 days later when BRSV systemic antibodies were less than 1:4. Clinical signs, nasal secretions and blood samples for virus measurement [polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and virus isolation (VI)] and to measure for mucosal BRSV IgA antibodies were collected and the animals were euthanized and necropsied 8 days post infection. Body temperature and other clinical signs were lower at 6 and 7 days post challenge in the vaccinates. Nasal viral shed was 3–4 times lower in the vaccinated animals as measured by VI and PCR compared to the controls. On day 8 following challenge, animals were necropsied, and lung lobes were scored and tested for virus by PCR and indirect fluorescent assay (IFA). There was a 25-fold reduction in PCR virus detection in vaccinates and two of the vaccinated calves’ lungs were PCR negative. Only 29.4% of vaccinated calves were BRSV positive on IFA testing at necropsy, while 87.5% of control calves were BRSV positive. Vaccinated calves developed a mucosal BRSV IgA response with over 50% of the vaccinated calves having IgA prior to challenge and all vaccinated calves were positive following challenge.




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