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The experimental objective was to determine the influence corn silage inclusion level and terminal implant type have on animal performance, carcass traits, and beef production per acre of cropland in finishing steers harvested at a common fatness endpoint.
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Maine-Anjou × Angus beef steers (n = 156 steers; initial BW 807 ± 81.9 lbs) were used in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement finishing experiment at the Ruminant Nutrition Center in Brookings, SD. Steers were weighed on 2 consecutive days and assigned into 5 weight blocks. Dietary treatments consisted (DM basis) of 1) 15% (CS15) or 2) 30% corn silage (CS30). Implant treatments consisted of 1) Coated implant, 200 mg trenbolone acetate (TBA), 28 mg estradiol benzoate (EB) (Synovex ONE Feedlot, ONE) or 2) Non-coated implant, 200 mg TBA, 28 mg EB (Synovex PLUS; PLUS).




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