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Semen from 22 dairy bulls was used to evaluate the presence, localization, and quantification of DAG1 and SERPINA5 on sperm. Sperm motility parameters and viability was also evaluated for semen from each bull. Semen from 19 out of the 22 dairy bulls was used for in vitro embryo production (two Low-SCR and one High-SCR were not available for in vitro embryo production). Bulls were classified based on their sire conception rates (SCR) values as High-SCR (SCR > 1.0) or Low-SCR fertility (SCR < -4.0). Low fertility bulls were subdivided based on their blastocyst rate (BL) as High-BL (Low-SCR/High-BL BL ≥ 31%) or Low-BL (Low-SCR/Low-BL BL ≤ 26%), and High-SCR bulls were not subdivided. The GLM procedure in SAS was used with bull as a fixed effect to determine if variance was greater between bulls compared to within bull. Correlations were determined among DAG1 and SERPINA5 concentrations, percentage of tail labeled for SERPINA5, SCR, sperm total motility, progressive motility, and viability, and in vitro embryo produced cleavage rate (CL) and BL. The GLIMMIX procedure of SAS was used to evaluate the relationship of bull field fertility (High- and Low-SCR), and field and in vitro fertility (High-SCR, Low-SCR/High-BL, Low-SCR/Low-BL) classifications with sperm total (TMOT) and progressive (PROG) motility, viability, CL, BL, DAG1 and SERPINA5 relative concentration, and proportion of sperm tail labeled for SERPINA5. Both SERPINA5 and DAG1 were localized on the sperm head; however, SERPINA5 was also localized on the sperm tail. There was greater variance in concentration among bulls compared to within bull for both DAG1 (P < 0.01; 69.4 vs 49.1, respectively) and SERPINA5 (P < 0.01; 325.8 vs 285.4, respectively). There was a positive correlation between concentration of DAG1 and SERPINA5 (P = 0.01; r = 0.54). Concentrations of SERPINA5 were also correlated with CL (P = 0.04; r = 0.48), and percentage of sperm tail labeled for SERPINA5 was correlated with viability (P = 0.05; r = 0.44) and tended to be correlated with CL (P = 0.10; r = 0.39). There was no relationship between SCR or BL rate classifications and DAG1 (P ≥ 0.66), SERPINA5 (P ≥ 0.54), or percentage of sperm tail labeled for SERPINA5 (P ≥ 0.48).




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