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Single-sourced, newly weaned steers (n=256; initial BW=542 ± 3.7lb; n=64 steers/treatment; 8 steers/pen) were blocked by location in a 2×2 factorial arrangement of DFM (Certillus CP B1801 Dry; Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus plantarum; 28 g/steer·d-1) and YCW (Celmanax; 18 g/steer·d-1). Temperature-humidity index (THI) was calculated as: THI=0.81×ambient temperature+[relative humidity×(ambient temperature-14.40)]+46.40. On d-1 and 2 and d-21 and 22 on RH, respiration rate (RR) and panting scores (PS) were determined before and after AM and PM feedings (0700h, 1100h, 1400h, 1700h). RR (n=3 steers/pen) was calculated from: 600/seconds required for 10 flank movements. PS utilized this scoring system: 0 (not distressed) to 4.5 (severely distressed).




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