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Red Angus steers (n = 192; initial shrunk BW = 983 ± 62.3 lbs) were used in the 112 d finishing experiment at the Southeast Research Farm (SERF) of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in Beresford. Steers were from a single source and obtained from a local SD auction facility. Steers were received 2 weeks prior to trial initiation. Steers were offered a common diet containing 60% concentrate upon arrival. Steers were transitioned to a 90% concentrate diet over the course of 14 d. Steers were consuming the finishing diet (Table 1) at the initiation of the experiment. Fresh feed was manufactured once daily for each treatment in a single batch using a stationary mixer and bunks were managed for ad libitum access to feed. Actual diet formulation and composition is based upon weekly DM analyses, tabular nutrient values, and corresponding feed batching records. Diets presented in Table 1 are actual DM diet composition, tabular nutrient concentrations, and tabular energy values (Preston, 2016).




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