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Swine are fed many different types of rations and there are many methods of feeding swine throughout the world. Apparently there is no one best way to feed swine. Wet complete mixed rations are limited-fed to some extent in other countries, Reasons for this type of feeding are available labor, limited feed supply, and feeding to produce a particular type of hog for the market. The most widely accepter method in the United States is self-feeding either complete mixed rations or free-choice corn and protein supplement. Wet rations are not generally fed in this counti because labor is high priced or not available, equipment is not available to automatically feed wet rations, and there is no particular market price advantage. Several questions have been asked in regard to wet feeding modern swine rations. The trend is toward automation and feeding hogs in confinement which offers more flexibility in the method of feeding. If automatic equipment were available to feed the wet rations with little or no increase in labor, would more swine producers prefer this method over their present setup? What is the performance of pigs fed the wet rations? If pig performance is satisfactory, can automatic equipment be developed and economically used for this type of feeding? Research Information is needed before these questions can be properly answered. This experiment was designed to study the performance of the pigs fed wet or dry rations.

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Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service, South Dakota State College