REACCH Secondary Agronomy & Climate Science Curriculum

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agriculture, science, education, secondary


Units in the curriculum provide material for introducing Science and Agriculture students in Grades 9-12 to agriculture, climate change, related issues such as soils, water, carbon, and nitrogen cycling, and STEM careers.


Each unit includes a PowerPoint for guiding classroom discussion, lab activities, and a series of readings.

  • Each PowerPoint includes hidden slides with embedded Microsoft Word Documents. These documents provide the additional resources needed to deliver the unit. Lab activities are embedded on the last slide.
  • Teacher notes are included on most slides to help guide classroom discussion.
  • Readings associated with each unit are in a separate zipped PDF file. A variety of readings are included so teachers can select those most appropriate for their classrooms.
A standards document is provided with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards for Math and ELA, and Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Standards. Teachers can decide to what level they want to augment the provided instruction in relation to these standards.