Garden Outreach Project



Project Location

Pine Ridge

Type of Activity




Program Issue

Native Youth /Family Health and Wellness

Project Description / Known Impact

Gardening workshops were held at several locations throughout Pine Ridge Reservation in 2012. 1) Porcupine Clinic. This workshop provided information on garden preparation and garden care/maintenance. It was attended by 50 community members. 2) Little Wound School Auditorium. Two workshops were held at this location and were attended by 30 people each. For these workshops, the BFR coordinator partnered with the National Relief Charities (NRC). 3) Oyate Teca. Sharon Guthmiller, South Dakota State University’s Extension Food Safety Specialist, provided information pertaining to handling produce as well as preservation techniques. This workshop was attended by 7 of the BFR students as well as 8 other community members. 4) Wanblee School. In this workshop an attendee of the Oyate Teca workshop took the canning information she learned and shared it with community members in Wanblee. She taught pressure canning techniques to 3 BRF students and 15 Wanblee community members. 5) Pine Ridge Youth Shelter. The BFR project coordinator held a workshop teaching people about box gardening. He included an overview of the pros and cons of box gardening, how and what to plant, spacing tips as well as a demonstration of building them. This workshop was attended by 3 BFR students and 18 community members. 6) OST Heath Administration. Partnering with the BFR project coordinator, the OST Health Administration held Youth Summits in 3 locations; Pine Ridge, Manderson, and Wanblee. At all 3 of these Youth Summits the project coordinator gave canning demonstrations. These demonstrations reached a few hundred youth.

Other SDSU Faculty / Staff Involved

Sharon Guthmiller


Porcupine Clinic, Little Wound School, Oyate Teca, Wanblee School, Pine Ridge Youth Shelter, Oglala Siux Tribe (OST) Health Administration

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