Use of Protracted “think-pair-share” Activity on American Horse Council Welfare Code of Practice Title

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Publication Date

May 2015


think-pair-share, welfare, American Horse Council


College students represent the next generation of leaders in the horse industry. Therefore, the adoption rates of best management practices and codes of ethics by these individuals are particularly important for the future of the horse industry. The American Horse Council Welfare Code of Practice has been adopted by 26 equine groups as of December 2014. Codes of practice adherence will depend on the commitment of those entering the horse industry. “Think-pair-share” exercisesare prevalent in college teaching and have been positively associated with improved critical thinking skills (Kaddoura, 2013) and student learning when used with other active learning techniques (Wilke, 2003). This activity was applied in the South Dakota State University Horse Production (AS 365) course, an upper level course required for the Equine Studies Minor using the American Horse Council’s Welfare Code of Practice.