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There exists much misinformation about antibiotic and vaccine use. An understanding of these topics is important for the use of these tools for the best equine health outcomes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate students’ understanding of antibiotics and vaccines, identify learned misinformation, and establish baseline data. A survey was administered at the beginning of Equine Health & Disease (AS 213) and Horse Production (AS 365) at South Dakota State University during the spring 2016 semester. AS 213 is not a prerequisite for AS 365. Results of the survey suggest that students may come with some understanding of the concepts surrounding antibiotic and vaccine use (Table 1), but are willing to administer vaccines and antibiotics in situations where they are unwarranted (Table 2). This data suggests that misconceptions related to vaccine and antibiotic use exist in the student population and there may be a need for increased instructional emphasis on the application of vaccines and antibiotics in equine management.


This item is a conference abstract and presentation slides.