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This report has four parts. The first section is a summary of findings for the K-12 enrollment in the Brookings School District between 1999 and 2015 and the projections to the year of 2025. The second section describes the enrollment trend of k-12 students at Brookings School District from 1999 to 2015. The data are provided by the district. Time trends in the historical enrollment data and factors such as natural increase/decrease and migration that have influenced the enrollment are discussed. Understanding time trends and the related factors are critical for making the projections. The third section provides projections by grade and year. Discussions of projection assumptions, limitations, and potential adjustments are included. The fourth section includes maps showing the distribution of population and families with children at the Census block level and changes in the past decade on the block and block-group levels in Brookings School District. Demographic trends within the school district illustrated in the maps offer an overview of the geographic arrangement of the population and families within the school district. In addition, population projections to 2035 and population pyramids by age and gender for Brookings County are included in the last section.

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Demography, Population, and Ecology | Regional Sociology | Rural Sociology | Sociology

Enrollment Projections to 2025: Brookings School District, SD