Receiving accurate human papillomavirus (HPV)/HPV vaccination information from a trusted source coupled with adequate HPV/HPV vaccination knowledge may increase college students’ likelihood to be vaccinated. This elicitation study, grounded in the information construct of the information–motivation–behavioral skills model, used a nonexperimental design with a convenience sample of 114 unvaccinated college students to assess HPV and HPV vaccine knowledge, desire for more information, and preferred source of HPV vaccine information. The sample answered slightly over half (58%) of questions related to knowledge of HPV correctly, 63% of the questions related to HPV vaccine knowledge correctly, and one-third (36%) wanted more information about the HPV vaccine. Their preferred sources were primary care provider, health educator, and parent(s). Interventions targeting unvaccinated college students should aim to increase HPV and HPV vaccine knowledge and encourage preferred sources to communicate this information.



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