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Industrial Management

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Robert J. Lacher


Six Sigma process improvement techniques are described as a structured, disciplined, and rigorous approach for improving business leadership and performance. Six Sigma Methodology is designed to provide for the application of statistical tools in the context of a process improvement structure summarized by the acronym DMAICDefine, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. The DMAIC model provides a framework to identify and eliminate sources of variation in a process, improve and sustain perform ance with well-executed control plans, and promote one process improvement language for all members of an organization to employ. Six Sigma Methodology has been proven successful in improving operational processes like machine performance and product quality. However, limited documentation exists to demonstrate application of Six Sigma toolsets to improve transactional business processes like inventory optimization. This research paper will examine a transactional process improvement effort using the Six Sigma DMAIC model. Highlighted for the reader will be a summary of the progress relating to the process improvement effort and an analysis of the applicability of the Six Sigma tools used at each stage of the DMAIC model.

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Six sigma (Quality control standard)
Inventory control.


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