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Nels H. Granholm


The agouti locus has several distinct variations, Agouti (A/A wild type), non agouti black (a/a mutant), and lethal yellow (Ay/a mutant). Lethal yellow mice are afflicted with an increased susceptibility to cancers, non-insulin dependent diabetes, age onset obesity, reduced fertility and homozygous Ay/Ay lethality in early embryonic development. The reproductive tract in lethal yellow mice was examined by measuring their ability to undergo ovarian compensation and measuring the ability of both genotypes to nurture developing embryos under the additional stress of ovariectomies. A second experiment was also conducted concerning the various hair pigmentations associated with the agouti allele. Levels of tyrosinase in regenerating hairbulbs (days 12, 15, and 18) of Ay/a, a/a, and Awj/Awj mice were measured.

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Mice -- Genetics
Mice -- Infertility
Lethal mutation




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