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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering

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Douglas B. Miron


Mathematical models are developed which describe the physical behavior of the Raven SCS-700 chemical injection system. This system is used to control the formulation application rate of agricultural chemicals applied to fields by grounddriven sprayers. The chemical control sub-system is modelled and a controller is designed to control this sub-system. The carrier control sub-system is modelled resulting in a model that describes the nonlinear characteristics of this system. Controller designs for the carrier control sub-system are simulated. The formulation application rate applied is predicted by using a simulation that is developed to simulate the entire chemical injection system. The application rate error is predicted for three test sprayers as they accelerate at 1.0 mph/s for a thirty percent speed change. Chemical injection sprayers with carrier control are compared to those without carrier control. The simulated performance of the sprayers is observed as design modifications are included in the simulation. Variation of chemical concentration in chemical injection sprayers with carrier control is discussed.

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Agricultural chemicals -- Application -- Computer simulation
Spraying equipment
Spraying and dusting in agriculture
Agricultural chemicals -- Application -- Mathematical models




South Dakota State University



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