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Master of Science (MS)

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Agricultural Engineering

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Gary Arlen Anderson


The effect of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) on plywood and plywood sandwich panels was studied using theoretical equations and finite element analysis. ANSYS elements have been successfully used to model plywood, FRP/Plywood, Sandwich, and FRP Sandwich panels. The modulus of elasticity of plywood was changed in the model to achieve the desired overall bending stiffness. The plywood model was compared to midspan deflection predicted by a procedure presented by March (1942) and test data (APA, 1972). The FRP coating has increased the stiffness significantly (23% as compared to 8%) in the case of small deformations as compared to large deformations for FRP/Plywood panels. The FRP coating has increased the buckling strength of the FRP/Plywood panel significantly (13% as compared to plywood panel). The sandwich model was compared to mid-span deflection predicted by American Plywood Association (1942). The FRP overlay does not affect the bending stiffness of the sandwich panel significantly. The FRP overlay does not affect the overall buckling significantly but, reduces the wrinkling of the plywood in the sandwich panel.

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Fiber reinforced plastics
Plywood -- Testing
Finite element method




South Dakota State University



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