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The objective of this investigation is to estimate the contribution of multiple scattering as a function of wavelength to measured sky path radiances. The purpose of doing this is to estimate what percentage of measured radiance is due to multiple scattering, provide data for possible correction algorithms that attempt to account for multiple scattering, and provide needed data that might be useful in future research in this area. This research will be carried out through the acquisition of atmospheric data with the Portable Ground-Based Atmospheric Monitoring System(PGAMS). By calculating several key atmospheric parameters that characterize the atmosphere-at the time data was taken with PGAMS, synthetic data can be generated through the use of a software called MODTRAN3. Comparison of the PGAMS and MODTRAN3 data sets will yield the multiple scattering component of the radiance field seen at the sky position monitored by PGAMS. Correlation of the multiply scattered radiance component with the vegetation radiance can then be done. Results indicate that the peaks of the two spectra at A=550 nm and A=750 nm agree to within 1. 69%, indicating that there is a close correlation between high surface reflectance and increased multiple scattering.

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South Dakota State University