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Home Economics

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Delores Kluckman


The purpose of this study was to determine if educational intervention increased children's knowledge of the elderly and if personal contact influenced children's attitudes toward the elderly. The study involved 26 third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The students completed a pre-test, participated in 2 knowledge discussion/activity sessions, 4 contact sessions with residents of a nursing home, and completed a post-test. The test instrument consisted of 5 demographic questions, 14 contact-related statements, 22 true-false knowledge statements, and 32 attitude statements. The data were analyzed using a repeated measures analysis of variance. An item analysis was performed to provide frequencies and percentages of responses for each test item. A .05 significance level was established in the rejection of the hypotheses. The repeated measures of variance analysis resulted in no significant change in the mean score for knowledge from the pre- to the post-tests. No significant change occurred in the mean score for attitude from the pre- to the post-tests when a repeated measures of variance analysis was done. In comparing the frequency of reported contact with the elderly from the pre- to the post-tests, chi-square analysis indicated significant changes in 2 contact statements. The change was, however, deemed insignificant as the 0 cells increased the likelihood of significant change occurring when it actually had not. The results of this study contradicted reported results of previous intergenerations [sic] studies. Further research was recommended on the effects of educational intervention and contact with the elderly on children's knowledge and attitudes toward the elderly.

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Intergenerational relations
Children and older people
Children -- Attitudes




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