Amber Stout

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Master of Science (MS)

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Industrial Management


The objective of this study was to determine if client facility person rank has an effect on implementation rates of assessment recommendations. The variables evaluated for affecting implementation included cost savings, implementation cost, and simple payback. The South Dakota State University IAC implementation rates were also compared with the overall implementation rate of the entire IAC program. The following conclusions were made while examining the implementation rates of the SDSU IAC:

1) Assessment recommendations with shorter simple payback periods are more likely to be implemented.

2) Energy recommendations have a greater likelihood of implementation than waste or productivity measures.

3) It is statistically significant that the higher the client facility personnel dedicated to working with the assessment team, the higher the likelihood of implementation of assessment recommendations.

4) Neither cost savings nor implementation cost are definitively significant at predicting implementation on their own.

5) The SDSU IAC is producing implementation rates at levels comparable to that of the national IAC program.

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South Dakota State University Industrial Assessment Center
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