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Biology and Microbiology


The yellow mouse (AY/a) has long been associated with obesity and infertility caused by AY-induced excess agouti protein production. A mutation (mahogany, mg) has been found to suppress the obesity of yellow mice in mahogany yellow (mg/mg AY/a) mice. Reproductive parameters previously reported to be different in yellow and black (a/a) mice were studied in combination with the mahogany mutation in order to determine the effects of mahogany on fertility of mahogany black (mg/mg a/a) and mahogany yellow (mg/mg AY/a) mice. Data from this study suggest that mahogany significantly modifies or alters the normal progression of infertility in yellow mice with wild-type or normal alleles at the mahogany locus ( +/+ AY/a). In short, female mahogany yellow mice are significantly more fertile than age-matched yellow "controls". Although the mechanism of mahogany is not known, data from this study may allow us to identify and characterize interactions between two genetic foci that regulate a number of key metabolic processes.

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Mice -- Genetics
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