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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the plasma concentrations of ammonia and uric acid in the blood of trained and physically active individuals following a maximal oxygen consumption test. Subjects performed a maximal oxygen consumption test using a standard protocol involving increases in speed and grade. Prior to exercise a catheter was inserted into a forearm vein and blood was sampled pre-exercise, immediately post-exercise and at 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes post-exercise. Each blood sample contained 12ml of blood and was analyzed for plasma ammonia and serum uric acid concentrations. Results indicated maximal oxygen consumption was higher in the trained group compared to the physically active group. Maximal heart rates were found to be similar between groups. The trained group demonstrated lower body compositions than the physically active group. The plasma ammonia and serum uric acid concentrations were not different at rest between groups. Plasma ammonia concentrations were significantly higher in each group post-exercise as compared to resting pre-exercise concentrations. Post-exercise plasma ammonia concentrations were not significantly different between trained and active subjects. No significant differences were demonstrated in serum uric acid concentrations between the trained and physically active groups. Results from the present study indicate plasma ammonia concentrations significantly increase during a VO2max test and then gradually decline during 60 minutes of recovery. However, exercise of this type does not seem to affect serum uric acid concentrations in endurance trained and physically active subjects. Furthermore, changes in plasma ammonia and serum uric acid concentrations in endurance trained and physically active individuals respond in a similar manner following brief, high intensity exercise.

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Exercise for men -- Physiological aspects
Blood plasma
Uric acid
Oxygen in the body -- Measurement



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