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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Sung Yun Shin


A variety of follow-up systems have been used as means of supporting patients post-discharge to monitor their progress and to bridge the gap between home and hospital. The management of pain disease needs a long-term home care facility. This paper describes a medical diagnosis system for Myofascial Pain Syndrome based on Internet associated with clinical local network. The web-based post-discharge patient monitoring service uses a relational database as a central repository where patients' information and clinical data are stored. A patient can use the Internet application to access the database, submit new clinical measurements and complaints, and review previous consultation record. A physician using the hospital local network software would access a patient's information from a list of patients assigned to him or her. The physician can retrieve previous medication trials including patient submitted record and consultation record to evaluate past treatment. The ·physician would then enter new diagnosis, prescription, and treatment advice using an interface similar to a blank form.

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Patient monitoring.
Medical care -- Technological innovations.
Internet in medicine.


South Dakota State University



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