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A.S. Series 73-30

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Utilization of appreciable quantities of roughage for growing and finishing feedlot cattle means some restriction on rate of production in comparison to that obtained from diets containing more liberal quantities of concentrates. Periods of restricted growth of cattle have been shown to be followed by an accelerated rate of growth with an improvement in feed efficiency in comparison to more liberally fed animals during later finishing periods with high-concentrate diets. Thus, there can be some compensation in both rate and efficiency of gain following periods of restriction. However, the amount of compensation may vary depending upon the comparative degree and length of the periods of restriction and liberal feeding. Periods of restricted growth may be varied in degree by amounts and types of feeds offered and in length by the time such diets are fed. The reduction in performance should be that resulting from a reduced energy intake rather than from deficient levels of protein, minerals and vitamins. Of primary concern in the degree and length of restriction in the total feeding operation are the effects on amounts of various feeds and total time required to produce slaughter cattle of desirable weight and grade. Experiments have been conducted at this station during the past 5 years to obtain this kind of information where steers were fed various levels of grain on pasture prior to a high-concentrate finishing phase. Four experiments have been completed and are summarized for this report.

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Department of Animal Science, Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University