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Devoted Motherhood Linda Christianson
Wolf Eel David A. Evans, Jr
Untitled Ruth Mueller
Peggy Renee L. Larson
Triathalon Susan Carry
Footprint Lisa Davis
Untitled Julie Larrabee
Untitled Steven J. Herr
Seven Julie Larrabee
Len Lisa Davis
Untitled Rae Brecht
The Monkey Phil Baker, Jr
Jester of the Ram Laurie K. Ramhorst
Daydream Jeannine Huber
Untitled Susan Carry
Legs Linda Christianson
Untitled Marty Morgan
Study of Faces of DeVinci Laurie K. Ramhorst
Steele Linda Christianson
Untitled Connie K. Wagenaar
Meltoff: Dawn Janice H. Mikesell
Undraped Trees Janice H. Mikesell
Matthew 28:5 & 6 James Beck
Untitled James Beck
Untitled Kathy Vrchota
Fairy Tale Kim Fryer
Untitled David J. De Pietro
Departure Sue Keintz
Untitled Kris Dascher
Untitled Connie K. Wagenaar
Squirrel Cache Carrie Chesnik
Untitled Steven J. Herr
Untitled Laura Lovett
Seaweed Phil Baker, Jr.
Dried Weed Arrangement Susan Garry
Rational Janette Reilly
Floor Plan Janette Reilly
Untitled Kathy Vrchota
Untitled Marla Andersen
Necromancer Nancy Prodan
Critic's Field Laurie K. Ramhorst
Dancing on the Grasstops Brenda Winter
Untitled Kathy Vrchota

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