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Man of his Words Karie Frank
Untitled Pat Freese
Vegetarians Prayer Janice H. Mikesell
Manhattan Breakfast Melissa Denton
An Evening at the Athenian Janice H. Mikesell
Watercolor Susan Gary
Crayon drawing Sheila Dwyer
Photographs Melissa Denton
Etching Darrell Mohr
Old Women Who Wear Big Black Shoes Julie Stroup
Bailer Cherie Ramsdell
Crayon sketch Janet Odden
Crayon sketch Janet Odden
The Holstein Herd Linda Selken
Photographs Alex Williamson
The Wall Maxine S. Darnall
The Green Cup Jackie L. Richardson
715 3rd Street Bonnie K. Feller
In the Blood Bonnie Kingsley Reidesel
Untitled Pat Freese
Growing Pains Sharon Gustafson
Cool Waters Lana Cherrington Silo Linda SeIken
East River Cowgirl Bonnie Kingsley
Reidesel Death's Own Funeral Nancy Prodan
Photograph Alex Williamson
Duet Polly Heins
Geese Rocky Sayler

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