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2| For a Young South Dakota Man— Freya Manfred
4| A Home Away From Words— Freya Manfred
5| Ode to Indigo— Freya Manfred
6| Still Wild — Freya Manfred
7| With the Dead at Blue Mound — Freya Manfred
8| Fulcrum —B.J. Buckley
9| Whisperer — B.J. Buckley
10| Vixen Song —B.J. Buckley
11| Circuit Breaker — Brandon Krieg
12| Tipped Past Equinox — Brandon Krieg
13| Touched by Arctic Air the World Turns White — Brandon Krieg
14| Sudden Open — Brandon Krieg
15| Garden Unguarded — Brandon Krieg
16| Pastoral — Steven R. Vogel
18| Spanish Girls— Steven R. Vogel
20| Paupers in the Rain— Steven R. Vogel
22| The Good-Girl House — Erin Flanagan
31| Nine Years Old — Laurence Snydal
32| The Lesson — Bruce Roseland
34| Judge/Judge Not — Bruce Roseland
36| Turning a Page — Bruce Roseland
37| Wasted — Suzanne Allison-Albers
40| To Wait — Aaron Cloyd
41| Relinquishment — Aaron Cloyd
42| In Which Bobby Allison, Buicks, And A Childhood Sweetheart May Or May Not Appear — Roger Hart
50| A Fan in the Stands Makes His Wishes Known— John S. Nelson
53| Descended from Refugees— Rosemary Dunn Moller
54| Strolling Downhill with Sisyphus— Rosemary Dunn Moller
56| the words of gods — Zac Walsh
57| If I Live, I Work — Zac Walsh
58| Earthly Home— Sharon Chmielarz
59| To Put My Finger on It— Sharon Chmielarz
60| The Robin’s Wife— Sharon Chmielarz
61| The Old Woman in a Time of Aggression— Sharon Chmielarz
62| a nightmare a dream and someone else’s memories — Storm Ainsely
68| Birth, War, Now — Susan D. Bassett
71| Unwanted Inheritance — Adrian S. Potter
72| Meditation During a Mask Mandate — Adrian S. Potter
73| Covetous — Adrian S. Potter
74| Open Graves — Grace Lundeen
76| Ghost Town — Arystan Jurgens
83| Nightmares of the Lakota — Dallas Kelso
88| The Red Shoe— Saige Anderson
90| Holocaust— Saige Anderson
91| The Cup— Hannah LeMair
92| One, Just One — Wynn Sandman
98| Death is a Final Peace — Abigail Muller
100| Modern Vampires — Jordan Heisler
119| Riverside Avenue — Cole W. Williams
120| Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis, Circa 1990 — Benjamin D. Carson
122| The Hole — Benjamin D. Carson
123| The Trapping Web — Benjamin D. Carson
124| The Final Cut — Benjamin D. Carson
125| Reverberations — D.A. Hickman
126| An Excerpt from Dog on Fire— Terese Svoboda 130| The Photograph Album— Noreen Oesterlein
131| Sin Line— Noreen Oesterlein
132| The Recital — Edward Voeller
137| Need— Cheyenne Marco
138| Reckoning— Cheyenne Marco
139| Spring Thaw— Cheyenne Marco
140| Of the Seven Deadly Sins— David Allan Evans 142| I Am— David Allan Evans
143| When it Comes to Finding Words to Say— David Allan Evans
144| What If?— David Allan Evans
145| The Evolution of Zebra Stripes— David Allan Evans
147| Writing the Midwest: Sarah Fawn Montgomery and Jody Keisner in Conversation
153| A Year’s Turning— Ruth Harper
154| Erasures — Alayna Steckelberg
156| The King’s Birthday — David Larsen
162| Grandma — Kristin Gifford
163| Foxglove in Late September — Kristin Gifford
164| Panhandlers —Peter Colson
166| On Donating My Body to Science—Peter Colson 168| It’s Kind of a Weird Story — Haley Winiarski
173| Things the Internet Has Ruined (Gift-Giving) — Donna Kathryn Kelly
178| Contributor Notes



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