The Dairy Science Publication Database is a comprehensive bibliography of the scholarly output of the Dairy Science Department. The overall majority of items in this series are metadata only.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Biofilm Formation by Common Dairy Sporeformers on Native and Modified Stainless Steel Surfaces, Shivali Jindal


Influence of milk pre-heating conditions on casein–whey protein interactions and skim milk concentrate viscosity., S. G. Sutariya, T. Huppertz, and H. A. Patel


SDSU iGrow 2017-1-24:Are your farm employees ready for low temperatures?, Maristela Rovai and Laura McMartin


SDSU iGrow 2017-1-3:Dairy Calf Respiratory Disease: Treatment in the Aftermath of Cold Weather, Russ Daly


SDSU iGrow 2017-3-20:Implementing F.A.R.M. 3.0 Phase One Priority Items on Your Dairy, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2017-3-3:Handling Reminders for Dairies: Training Resources!, Heidi Carroll

Submissions from 2016


Acid gelation of reconstituted milk protein concentrate suspensions: Influence of lactose addition, G. H. Meletharayil, H. A. Patel, L. E. Metzger, and T. Huppertz

An evaluation of feeding a blend of essential oils and cobalt lactate to lactating cows., O. Kuester


An Evaluation of Feeding a Blend of Essential Oils and Cobalt Lactate to Lactating Dairy Cows, Olivia Jayne Kuester


An Evaluation of Rumen Modifiers for Lactational Performance and Nutrient Digestibility by Cows, Prakash Poudel

An evaluation of rumen modifiers for lactational performance and nutrient digestibility by cows., P. Poudel

Clean labels: Capitalize on the structure building properties of dairy proteins in acid gels., G. H. Meletharayil

Comparison of biofilm formation on stainless steel and modified surface milk plate heat exchanges., S. Jindal, S. K. Anand, J. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Constant permeate flux microfiltration of liquid whey protein concentrate for the separation of whey proteins from fat., S. L. Beckman and L. E. Metzger

Effect of carbon dioxide injection on protein interaction to reduce viscosity of high solids skim milk concentrates., H. Dahiya, L. E. Metzger, and H. A. Patel

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on improving the heat stability of whey protein isolate solutions., S. G. Sutariya and H. Patel

Effect of rate of cooling and ripening temperatures on non-starter lactic acid bacteria in cheese, S. K. Anand and D. I. Khan


Effects of Bran Treatment on Rheology and Sensory Quality of Whole Wheat Flat Bread, Jigyasha Mishra

Evaluation of a sol-gel based stainless steel surface modification to reduce fouling and biofilm formation during pasteurization of milk., D. Zhe Liu, S. Jindal, J. Amamcharla, S. K. Anand, and L. E. Metzger


Evaluation of Essential Oils (Stay Strong) for Dairy Calves, Kelly Ann Froehlich

Evaluation of essential oils (Stay Strong) for dairy calves., K. Froehlich

Evaluation of microbial enzymes for degradation of exopolymeric substances (EPS) within biofilm matrices for more effective cleaning., N. Garcia-Fernandez, A. Hassan, and S. K. Anand

Evaluation of modified stainless steel surfaces targeted to reduce biofilm formation by common dairy related sporeformers., S. Jindal, S. K. Anand, J. K. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Evaluation of Sol-Gel non-stick surface modification in dairy thermal processing., Z. Liu, J. K. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Evaluation of stay strong for new born dairy calves., K. A. Froehlich and D.P. Casper