The Dairy Science Publication Database is a comprehensive bibliography of the scholarly output of the Dairy and Food Science Department. The overall majority of items in this series are metadata only.

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Publications from 2017

Behavior activity detected via 3D acceleration before diarrhea events in neonatal dairy calves., J.F. Castillo, F. Rosa, J.J. Loor, J.S. Osorio, and F.C. Cardoso


Biofilm Formation by Common Dairy Sporeformers on Native and Modified Stainless Steel Surfaces, Shivali Jindal

Comparison of the adhesion characteristics of common dairy spore formers and their spores., S. Jindal and S. Anand

Dairy employee training: A new extension educational approach., M. Rovai, H. Carroll, R. Foos, T. Erickson, and A. Garcia

Dairy heifer growth performance when fed hydroponically grown barley sprouts., R.D. Lawrence and J.L. Anderson


Effect of Ultrasonication on Biofilm Forming Ability of Common Dairy Sporeformers, Taghreed Almalki

Engineering Process Characterization of High-Pressure Homogenization-from laboratory to industrial scale., S. I. Martinez-Monteagudo, B. Yan, and V. M. Balasubramaniam

Evaluating enzyme formulations for biofilm removal from dairy separation membranes., N. Garcia-Fernandez and S. Anand

Evaluation of a sol-gel based stainless steel surface modification to reduce fouling and biofilm formation during pasteurization of milk., D. Z. Liu, S. Jindal, J. Amamcharla, S. Ananda, and L. Metzger

Evaluation of solubles syrup from microbially enhanced soy protein production as a supplement for growing dairy heifers., C.R. Schossow and J. L. Anderson


Evaluation of Supplementing Brewer's Yeast to Lactating Dairy Cows, Taylor Christine Aubrey

Evaluation of supplementing brewer’s yeast to lactating dairy cows., T.C. Aubrey, J.L. Anderson, and A.R. Boyer

Exopolysaccharides produced by lactic starter cultures impact biofilm formation on separation membranes., N. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Anand, and A. Hassan

Feasibility of soluble soybean polysaccharide for enhancing lactose crystallization during lactose manufacture., V. Sunkesula, L.E. Metzger, and S.L. Beckman

Flavor profile of UHT conjugated linoleic acid-enriched milk based on headspace solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry., M. Leal-Davila, J. Curtis, M. Saldaña, and S. Martinez-Monteagudo

Genetic analyses using GGE model and a mixed linear model approach, and stability analyses using AMMI bi-plot for late-maturity alpha-amylase activity in bread wheat genotypes., G. Rasul, K. Glover, P. Krishnan, J. Wu, W. Berzonsky, and B. Fofana

Growth performance of dairy calves fed microbially enhanced soy protein in starter pellets with pasteurized milk., N.D. Senevirathne, J.L. Anderson, and W.R. Gibbons

Hydrogenation of lactose for the production of nutritive sweeteners., S. Martinez-Monteagudo, M. Enteshari, and L. Metzger

Impact of Thermal and Pressure-Based Technologies on Carotenoid Retention and Quality Attributes in Tomato Juice., B. Yan, S. I. Martinez-Monteagudo, J. L. Cooperstone, K. M. Riedl, S. J. Schwartz, and V. M. Balasubramaniam

Improvements in emulsion stability of dairy beverages treated by high pressure homogenization: A pilot-scale feasibility study., S. I. Martinez-Monteagudo, S. Kamat, N. Patel, G. Konuklar, N. Rangavajla, and V. M. Balasubramaniam

Induction of pitting corrosion on stainless steel (grades 304 and 316) used in dairy industry by biofilms of common sporeformers., S. Gupta and S. K. Anand

Influence of Bacillus spp. on microstructure, graininess, lipolysis and sensory properties of sour cream., D. Mehta, L. Metzger, A. Hassan, and B. Nelson


Influence of milk pre-heating conditions on casein–whey protein interactions and skim milk concentrate viscosity., S. G. Sutariya, T. Huppertz, and H. A. Patel

Influence of processing conditions on apparent viscosity and system parameters during extrusion of Distillers' dried grains-based snacks, P. Krishnan and K. Muthukumarappan

Level of Listeria cross contamination in ice cream mix can serve as a predictor of its overall risk from injured cells., N. Neha, R. Suliman, S. Anand, G. Djira, B. Kraus, and S. Sutariya

Listeria cross contamination levels and the associated risk in ice cream mix., N. Neha, S. K. Anand, and G. Djira

Macrophage activation during subclinical mastitis in dairy goats treated with 2,4-thiazolidinedione., F. Rosa, M. Moridi, J.S. Osorio, J. Lohakare, C. Estill, and M. Bionaz

Membrane biofilms formation and control., S. K. Anand

Metabolic and inflammatory changes in blood of lactating Holstein cows induced to subacute ruminal acidosis., F. Rosa, J.C. McCann, E. Trevisi, F. Cardoso, J.J. Loor, and J.S. Osorio

Metabolic profile of Holstein heifers fed carinata meal., K. Rodriguez-Hernandez, J. Anderson, and J. Clapper

Microstructural, textural, and sensory properties of whole-wheat noodle modified by enzymes and emulsifiers., M. Niu, G. G. Hou, J. Kindelspire, P. Krishnan, and S. Zhao

Milk production and composition of dairy cows fed hydroponic barley sprouts., R.D. Lawrence, J.L. Anderson, S. Martinez-Monteagudo, and L. Metzger

Oxidative stability of Iranian ghee (butter oil) and soybean oil: A comparative study., M. Enteshari, K. Nayebzadeh, and S. Martinez-Monteagudo

Performance of dairy cows fed conventional sorghum or corn silages compared to brown midrib sorghum silage: A metaanalysis., J.I. Sanchez-Duarte, K.F. Kalscheur, A.D. Garcia, and F.E. Contreras-Govea

Population dynamics of a common dairy sporeformer, Bacillus licheniformis, in spiked raw milk samples stored at low temperatures., N. Awasti, R. Suliman, S. Anand, and G. Djira

Postpartal subclinical ketosis can be predicted by monitoring prepartal standing behavior in transition dairy cows., S. Rodriguez-Jimenez, K.J. Haerr, E. Trevisi, J.S. Osorio, J.J. Loor, and F.C. Cardoso

Preliminary studies on heat stability of high protein dairy beverages containing modified milk protein concentrate., K. Pandalaneni, J. Amamcharla, C. Marella, and L. Metzger

Pressure Chemistry: Formulation and Manufacture of Reduced Sugar Dietary Supplements, S. I. Martinez-Monteagudo

Reported incidences of dairy pathogens., A. Adamski, D. Bawa, N. G. Fernandez, and S. K. Anand


Response of Dairy Cows to Dietary Starch Concentrations: Performance, Nutrient Digestion, and Gas Emissions, Juan Isidro Sanchez-Duarte


SDSU iGrow 2017-03-03: Handling Reminders for Dairies Training Resources, Heidi Carroll


SDSU iGrow 2017-03-24: Implementing F.A.R.M. 3.0 Phase One Priority Items on Your Dairy, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2017-03-30: Dairy Trainings: Exprectations & Impact, Maristela Rovai


SDSU iGrow 2017-04-17: Emergency Preparedness on Dairies, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2017-05-15: Fly Population Managment on Dairies, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2017-1-24:Are your farm employees ready for low temperatures?, Maristela Rovai and Laura McMartin


SDSU iGrow 2017-1-3:Dairy Calf Respiratory Disease: Treatment in the Aftermath of Cold Weather, Russ Daly


SDSU iGrow 2017-3-20:Implementing F.A.R.M. 3.0 Phase One Priority Items on Your Dairy, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2017-3-3:Handling Reminders for Dairies: Training Resources!, Heidi Carroll


Studying Microflora of Semi-hard Cheese, and Sporulation within Contact Surface Biofilms, Dalia Khan

The effect of different solids concentration on the drying kinetics of whey protein concentrate., H.N. Vora, L.E. Metzger, C. Selomulya, M.W. Woo, and A. Putranto


The Effects of a Blend of Essential Oils on Rumen Efficiency of Lactating Dairy Cows, Kali Linville

Transcriptional changes in the gut of neonatal dairy calves undergoing a mild diarrhea revealed by a non-invasive technique., F. Rosa, S. Busato, F.C. Avaroma, E. Trevisi, and J.S. Osorio

Update on lactation biology and milking strategies of small ruminants., M. Rovai, G. Caja, A. Argüello, C. Peris, X. Such, and P.-G. Marnet

Publications from 2016


Acid gelation of reconstituted milk protein concentrate suspensions: Influence of lactose addition, G. H. Meletharayil, H. A. Patel, L. E. Metzger, and T. Huppertz


An Evaluation of Feeding a Blend of Essential Oils and Cobalt Lactate to Lactating Dairy Cows, Olivia Jayne Kuester


An Evaluation of Rumen Modifiers for Lactational Performance and Nutrient Digestibility by Cows, Prakash Poudel

Clean labels: Capitalize on the structure building properties of dairy proteins in acid gels., G. H. Meletharayil

Comparison of biofilm formation on stainless steel and modified surface milk plate heat exchanges., S. Jindal, S. K. Anand, J. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Constant permeate flux microfiltration of liquid whey protein concentrate for the separation of whey proteins from fat., S. L. Beckman and L. E. Metzger

Effect of carbon dioxide injection on protein interaction to reduce viscosity of high solids skim milk concentrates., H. Dahiya, L. E. Metzger, and H. A. Patel

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on improving the heat stability of whey protein isolate solutions., S. G. Sutariya and H. Patel

Effect of rate of cooling and ripening temperatures on non-starter lactic acid bacteria in cheese, S. K. Anand and D. I. Khan


Effects of Bran Treatment on Rheology and Sensory Quality of Whole Wheat Flat Bread, Jigyasha Mishra

Evaluation of a sol-gel based stainless steel surface modification to reduce fouling and biofilm formation during pasteurization of milk., D. Zhe Liu, S. Jindal, J. Amamcharla, S. K. Anand, and L. E. Metzger


Evaluation of Essential Oils (Stay Strong) for Dairy Calves, Kelly Ann Froehlich

Evaluation of microbial enzymes for degradation of exopolymeric substances (EPS) within biofilm matrices for more effective cleaning., N. Garcia-Fernandez, A. Hassan, and S. K. Anand

Evaluation of modified stainless steel surfaces targeted to reduce biofilm formation by common dairy related sporeformers., S. Jindal, S. K. Anand, J. K. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Evaluation of modified stainless steel surfaces targeted to reduce biofilm formation by common milk sporeformers., S. Jindal, S. K. Anand, K. Huang, J. Goddard, L. Metzger, and J. Amamcharla

Evaluation of Sol-Gel non-stick surface modification in dairy thermal processing., Z. Liu, J. K. Amamcharla, and L. E. Metzger

Evaluation of stay strong for new born dairy calves., K. A. Froehlich and D.P. Casper

Evaluation of the effect of cavitation on biofilm forming ability of sporeformers, S. K. Anand and T. Almalki

Evaluation of the fermentation characteristics and glucosinolate content of cold-pressed or solvent-extracted carinata meal ensiled with corn forage., K. Rodriquez-Hernandez, J. L. Anderson, M. A. Berhow, and A. D. Garcia

Factors influencing choice of food safety related career path; an online focus group study., J. Hegerfeld-Baker, L. Droke, P. Pallapu, and S. K. Anand

Forage yield, nutrient composition, and grain yield of corn and soybeans when intercropped at different seeding rates grown under organic conditions., I. P. Acharya, X. Gu, S. Acharya, P. Poudel, and D.P. Casper

Growth and health performance of dairy calves drinking reverse osmosis water compared to municipal water., N. D. Senevirathne, J. L. Anderson, and M. Rovai


Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization, and Metabolic Profile of Dairy Heifers Fed Diets High in Distillers Grains with Different Forage to Concentrate Ratios, Angela Kristia Manthey

Growth performance of dairy heifers limit-fed distillers dried grains with ad libitum forage., A. Manthey and J. L. Anderson

Identification of protein fractions in ripened American style natural cheese manufactured utilizing recombinant bovine and camel chymosin by capillary electrophoresis., A. C. Biswas and L. E. Metzger

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Improving Feed Efficiency Through Forage Strategies for Increasing Dairy Profitability and Sustainability, Jon Patrick Pretz


Inactivation of Thermodynamic Sporeformers and Spores in Skim Milk by Continuous Ultrasonication and Hydrodynamic Cavitation in Combination with Thermal Treatments, Dikshi Bawa


Influence of hydrodynamic cavitation on the rheological properties and microstructure of formulated Greek-style yogurts, L. E. Metzger, H. A. Patel, and G. H. Meletharayil

Influence of mixed cropping of corn and soybean with different seeding rates on forage yield, quality, and nutrient yield grown under organic condition., I. P. Acharya, X. Gu, and D.P. Casper

Influence of proteolytic Bacillus spp. on sour cream characteristics., D. Mehta, L. E. Metzger, A. Hassan, and B. Nelson

Kinetics studies of chemical reactions in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) enriched milk treated with high-pressure sterilization., S. I. Martinez-Monteagudo

Kosikowski, Frank, V. V. Mistry


Manufacture, Concentration, and Functionality of Micellar Casein Concentrate, Dustin Grossbier

Membrane Filtration, V. V. Mistry

Membrane fractionation of delactosed permeate to enhance salty taste., L. D. Alexander, M. A. Stout, M. Drake, S. L. Beckman, and L. E. Metzger

Predicting manure volatile solid output of lactating dairy cows., R. Appuhamy, L.E. Moraes, C. Wagner-Riddle, D.P. Casper, and E. Kebreab

Production of high-quality and digestible forages to increase milk production and nutrient supply for lactating dairy cows., J. P. Pretz, C. Ramsier, and D.P. Casper


Protein and Fiber Fortification of White Pan Bread Using Food-Grade Distiller’s Dried Grains, Ashley Adamski


Role of Exopolymeric Substances in Biofilm Formation on Dairy Separation Membranes, Nuria Garcia-Fernandez


SDSU iGrow 2016-10-24: Carinata Meal: Potential as a feedstuff for growing dairy heifers, Karla Rodriguez-Hernandez and Jill Anderson


SDSU iGrow 2016-10-26: Fall Alfalfa Grazing Guidelines, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2016-11-28: Winter Preparedness on the Dairy Farm, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2016-12-12: Dressing for the Job on Dairies Year-Round, Tracey Erickson


SDSU iGrow 2016-12-14: Cold Stress Help for Un-weaned Dairy Calves, Tracey Erickson